Walk-In Bathtubs

Milestone Bath Experts fully installs and guarantees walk-in bathtubs for your bathing independence.

The walk in bathtub is a perfect solution to help you regain your bathing independence. If you are a senior or have limited mobility, arthritis, joint pain or tension, this is the solution for you. From the design consultation right through the installation of your walk in tub, Milestone Bath is there with you every step of the way, making your experience transparent and worry-free. With Milestone Bath Experts’ help, you can bathe safely again.

One out of every three people over the age of sixty-five fall in the bathtub each year. Of those, over half will fall more than once.

Experience some of these health benefits by soaking in the Milestone Easy-Fit Walk In Bath:

  • Eases muscle strain
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps bladder conditions
  • Reduces arthritis pain
  • Balances emotions
  • Soothes nerves
  • Lowers fevers
  • Reduces stress

Some of the Many Features and Benefits of the Milestone Easy-Fit Walk In Bath:

  • Easy walk in access and comfortable.
  • Experience the best with the optional hydrotherapy system with thirteen high performance jets and three settings.
  • “Arthritis friendly” faucet handles and convenient hand-held shower.
  • Exit more quickly when your bath is over; Drains up to ten times faster than conventional tubs!
  • Choose from left or right drain hand options and three standard colours: white, almond and biscuit.
  • Easily fits into most tub openings without costly and disruptive wall removal and repairs by utlilizing a patented two piece design.
  • Special door seal system has a lifetime guarantee
    Removable front skirt for easy access to all pump and hydrotherapy components.
  • The Milestone Easy-Fit walk in bathtub retrofits the footprint of all conventional bathtubs. It comes in a patented two piece design allowing easy passage through your home to the bathroom. If your tub opening is large, an optional extension kit can be added to fit. The tub’s design blends naturally into the bathroom environment so you can still have a showpiece bathroom with your walk in tub.

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